About us

Wild in Style is a family business, Donna and Alex with our two kids Ruby and Max.  Our Yurts are built by us, with strength testing done by the kids – well they are basically climbing frames!

Before coming to the Lake District last year I built and lived in a Yurt while working as an IT consultant in the south of England.

In 1996 I went to Finland for a year, studying wilderness guiding in what is one of the best Arctic, tundra and Boreal forest regions left in the world - Finland and Russia.  In fact I became the first International Wilderness Guide to qualify from the course.  This left its mark and I have kept up my studies ever since..

Don is a nurse and mother, not in that order!  She has an adventurous spirit and travelled extensively abroad.  She is very keen on natural remedies with special attention on nutrition.

All the Yurts are hand built with care and attention, there are three different designs.  The Yurts are built with sustainable practices in mind; either coppicing local wood, bamboo sourced from sustainable plantations or from local timber estates up here in Cumbria; it is very important that the Yurts offer not only a comfortable and wonderful experience but don’t impact the planet in doing so.

We want to offer a holiday giving as much Wild in as much Style as you want.  We can achieve this through various offerings that allow flexibility throughout your stay.  We want to take all the hassle out of camping in an affordable manner.

We live in the south lake district and love the awe inspiring splendour that is on offer.  An amazing backdrop, the National Park encompasses some of the most enchanting landscapes the UK has to offer.  We love to get out and enjoy it so we hope you do too.

We are also starting up an event rental business, offering Giant event Tipi’s, mobile bars, food and a number of other event solutions..