If you are afraid to shake the dice, you will never throw a six...

We welcome all to come and holiday with us..

Sometimes you are lucky enough for there just to be 2 of you wanting to get away for a short break..

We have a few different options that might work well for you:

LOW WRAY - Lake Windermere

  • Our 16ft yurt (Hawthorn) or 18ft yurt (Rowan) are our smallest 'yurt'structures and cater well for couples who want a bit more space.

HOATHWAITE - Lake Coniston

  • Our GeoDome sleeps 4 and is not pet friendly but is perfect for couples.
  • Our RomaDome and 16ft yurt are also good units for couples but are pet friendly

We have a lot of families who come and stay and we are very glad of it, kids get so much out of it..




Whilst we do allow groups.. I would just like to say that if you do want to proceed you should be aware that it is a family site and so do need to respect the tranquillity of those around and adhere to the site rules.. I haven't had a problem but always like to mention it so that everyone is cool with that..

  • Please contact me to discuss..


.. and their owners are very welcome at Wild in Style

Our Pet friendly units are:

HOATHWAITE - Lake Coniston

LOW WRAY - Lake Windermere

If you fancy trying something different and have done a little bit of travelling in your time, you should try this - I am sure it will be a first!!