Your Holiday

The enjoyment of waking up in a bed, surrounded by wood and canvas with light streaming though the roof window has a very unique feel.  The structure is sturdy enough to cope with the worst the British weather has to offer, the raised wooden floor and wood burner take the chill off what could be a cool evening and make it something really special.

On your holiday you can either use your accommodation as a base, safe in the knowledge that on your return, there is heat (once…. you’ve built the fire), warmth and oh so much comfort!  Equally it can be a place for a lazy day, lounging around, playing games, cooking food, swimming in the lake and soaking up the ambience of your environment.  You really can walk to a different beat and where better than in the stunning surroundings of the lake district in a home from home?

  • We provide a dining table and chairs in every unit –  Yes, because sometimes its nice to sit around a table to eat!

Wild in Style we live up to our name

Try our glamping kit list for some ideas to make the most out of your luxury camping / glamping experience..


On your holiday you can cook up a storm in our units, with fully stocked kitchens (not food however!); all utensils for cooking and plates and cutlery for eating are provided. You also have access to a firepit / bbq outside if that takes your fancy?

Staying in a Motorhome, Yurt, Berber tent, GeoDome, RomaDome or Vardo Wagon..

We do ask that you take a common sense approach to staying in our accommodation – for example we do ask people not to smoke inside and when smoking outside they dispose of the cigarette ends responsibly.  We don’t feel the need to have a long list of rules and everybody does enter into the spirit of it, so any do’s and do nots relate to legal requirements and health and safety.  You are sharing this space with other people and so we do ask that you respect this and their enjoyment.

What NOT to bring..

  1. Tent, Sleeping Bags, Cooking facilities, Cutlery…

What to bring..

  1. A sense of adventure and a pocket full of fun.. its your Holiday after all! But more practically speaking: a kit bag of clothes, canoes, kayaks, fishing kit, walking boots – kit for what ever activity you like doing. Oh and maybe some waterproofs!
  2. It is worth bringing a torch for visits to the toilet in the evening; and if you are staying early in spring or late in the autumn don’t forget to pack accordingly. It can be chilly in the morning a few hours after the woodburner has died out, so you can bring a sleeping bag if you feel a duvet wouldn’t be enough!
  3. Similarily in mid summer it might be worth packing some sun cream and insect repellent : Avon’s ‘Skin so Soft’ – made as a moisturiser but had the unexpected and very effective result of repelling insects – without including the super toxic deet!