Glamping Kit List

If you are holidaying with us its still worth thinking about the following things…

In theory all you need is a kit bag and a smile.. BUT there are items you can bring that will make your stay a lot more enjoyable.. that said it applies not only to glamping but holidaying in general

  • Road map and map of the local area – there is so much to see and do in Cumbria and meeting the locals is great but having to ask them where you are isn’t..
  • A head torch (an evening stroll can easily turn into a nightime hike, especially if you forgot the map)
  • Wash kit (this is different for different people… you know what you need)
  • Money / Credit card etc (no such thing as a free lunch – unless like me, you like your wild foods)
  • Sunglasses (contrary to popular belief it isn’t always raining in Cumbria)
  • Sun cream / sun block and aloe vera incase the SPF wasn’t chosen correctly!
  • Insect repellent – a great tip: buy Avon “Skin so Soft” – a moisturiser with the unexpected benefit of being a fantastic insect repellent – no nasty DEET in sight..
  • A small first aid kit, with plasters, antiseptic cream, arnica etc
  • Swimming costumes – It is refreshingly beautiful swimming in the lake – well worth braving the pelvic freeze!
  • Flip flops for dosing about in and wearing inside the yurt if you want… or after swimming so you can walk on the rocks..
  • Warm clothes, once you get cold (to the core) – as does happen, it is hard to warm back up again – preventative woolens a must
  • Waterproofs and relevant footwear – it does rain in Cumbria funnily enough!  Remember without the rain there are no lakes…
  • Camera and charger – you can charge your batteries in the yurt if yo have an in car charger or an inverter that runs from the cigarette lighter socket as we supply these as standard (please don’t run camping fridges from it as you will find you will not have much power for lighting!)
  • Guitar – only if you can play it, or if you can’t, some more ear plugs for everyone else!
  • Canoes / bikes / fishing Rods – all the serious sports stuff that you normally couldn’t fit in the car because it was full of all the bits that glamper’s don’t need to remember!!
  • Fun games for kids of all sizes – skipping ropes, hackie sacks, balls, frisbee, kite, paper and pens, water pistols, books (it is as much about relaxing as activities!)
  • A pocket full of fun and a receipt to say you have booked an Eco Adventure with Wild in Style..!
  • An axe for chopping kindling – if you know how to use it!!

ENJOY – you are on holiday remember…