Where the adventure doesn't stop..

To travel is to explore, to explore is to grow.. but not Old ;)

  • Travel in a traditional horse drawn bow top gypsy caravan (vardo). If you are looking for a relaxing place to stay with an adventure along the way and be surrounded by the peaceful and charming countryside of Cumbria, slow down to the easy pace of our gentle giants, Bob and Charlie.
  • We have specifically chosen our camps in wildflower meadows, staying by a private tarn or lake or mill stream or with lakeside saunas. You can choose to stay at a camp in a static gypsy caravan or enjoy the horse drawn travel from camp to camp each day. This is a truly magical way to spend you holiday and memories will last a lifetime.
  • A unique experience which can be enjoyed by everyone. By the end of the holiday your experiences will blur into one, complementing each other.. you will understand your horses, Bob and Charlie, the art of cooking over an open fire and if the night skies work out in your favour you might also happen a wish upon a shooting star..