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We are located on 2 National Trust campsites in the Lake District National Park – you can holiday with us on either Lake Windermere or Lake Coniston..

We do also help arrange Horse Drawn Gypsy Caravan tours close to Penrith, where you can holiday like its 1850!

With the portability of a Yurt, the Mongolians created an empire.   The nomadic people of Central Asia are still Yurt dwellers

Interestingly in Ulaan Bataar, the capital of Mongolia, the city has Yurts throughout the city – it truely has stood the test of time.  See here to have a closer look, all the round white circles being Yurts.. pan back to see the city as a whole.  Doesn’t look very attractive on Google Maps, but inside, each one is decorated in a uniquely interesting way, it is their home and they decorate it as such.

A structure that uses ancient maths: Pythagoras and Pi.  It has many variants and is very flexible in its application.

It offers amazing protection from the elements coupled with a unique ambience.   Their uses range from class rooms to houses, workshops to sumptious bedrooms.  Yurts can be joined together to create en-suites, second bedrooms, extra living rooms.  We are moving away from the ‘nomadic’ aspect of the structure but many people choose these as their homes because they just work.

Being made of natural materials it has a very comforting feel whilst being robust it creates a feeling of great security and when fitted a with woodburning stove and all the trimmings, transcends camping!

You can gaze through the crown into the heavens.. star gaze and let the atmosphere of the evening filter in without the cold.

There are so many varieties of yurt; ranging from the ultra modern with steel rope and timber straight from the lathe to traditional – with coppiced wood steam bent, still in the round and so retaining all it natural strength. There are many traditional shapes, the most commonly used is a design from Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan – ours included.

Vardo Wagons, also known as Gypsy Caravans, started being used by Gypsies and travellers it is thought around the 19th century.

The shape came from a simple bender tent in which many travellers lived,consisting of bent saplings and canvas. This developed into the bowtop wagon and was improved on for more comfort with stoves and a bed and cupboards. And for show of wealth with fancy paint work and gold leafing.

With the advent of the modern motor drawn caravan many travellers had given up the horsedrawn bowtop, but in recent years partly through nostalgia and also with the growing green movement they are again becoming increasingly popular.

They are a beautiful,romantic and soothing space,and a wonderful way to be cosy and comfortable,and yet in amongst nature.

Berber tents are used by the nomadic tribes of Northern Africa and Morocco.  They are a desert tents that are used extensively in the UK, although are quite new to the glamping scene.. in fact I don't know of anywhere else using them except the National Trust who bought 2 of them this year from us to use as their own version of glamping

They are a rectangular style, which would traditionally have different wall heights, allowing for the structure to be altered to suit the variable conditions of the Northern deserts..

GeoDomes are domes made of triangles, so they are super strong! There are many different styles out there but they essentially all follow this principal. Although Buckminster Fuller was not the original inventor, he developed the intrinsic mathematics of the dome and coined the term 'GeoDesic'.

Buckminster Fuller was inspired to design a dome out of triangles.. It has Geometric beauty that offers a very different feel to a yurt.

I think the GeoDome stands slightly stronger than a yurt but the yurt is much more portable.

Due to their portability, strength and modern design they have been used in all corners of the world, from conquering Everest mountaineers to Antarctic pioneers..

The RomaDome is a new invention of mine - I am using the principals of my Yurt building to make something that has the look and feel of a yurt whilst having its own unique character.